Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2006

Strengthening Our Culture of Collaborations
for Reducing Cancer Health Disparities

National Cancer Institute — Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
July 17–19, 2006

Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities - Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2006Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities - Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2006
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Speaker Presentations

H. Nelson Aguila
Presentation (PDF, 480KB)

Claudia R. Baquet
Presentation (PDF, 122KB)

L. Michelle Bennett and Lenora Johnson
Presentation (PDF, 895KB)

Nina Bickell
Presentation (PDF, 124KB)

Louise Canfield
Presentation (PDF, 3,507KB)

Nelvis Castro
Presentation (PDF, 830KB)

Kenneth Chu
Presentation (PDF, 278KB)

Robert T. Croyle
Presentation (PDF, 720KB)

Roland Garcia
Presentation (PDF, 356KB)

Frank Govern
Presentation (PDF, 1,293KB)

Ernie Hawk
Presentation (PDF, 677KB)

Dwight Heron
Presentation (PDF, 3,329KB)

Jon Kerner
Presentation (PDF, 459KB)

Helen Lettlow
Presentation (PDF, 1,231KB)

Grace X. Ma
Presentation (PDF, 1,420KB)

Worta McCaskill-Stevens
Presentation 1 (PDF, 209KB)
Presentation 2 (PDF, 155KB)

Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
Presentation (PDF, 2,548KB)

Cherie Nichols
Presentation (PDF, 1,601KB)

William Phelps
Presentation (PDF, 5,038KB)

Mariano J. Rey
Presentation (PDF, 814KB)

Elena Rios
Presentation (PDF, 148KB)

Dinah Singer
Presentation (PDF, 392KB)

Shobha Srinivasan
Presentation (PDF, 2,026KB)

Louis Sullivan
Presentation (PDF, 90KB)

Barbara Terry-Koroma
Presentation (PDF, 2,089KB)

Robert Wiltrout
Presentation (PDF, 1,436KB)

Breakout Presentations

Accrual Strategies
Presentation (PDF, 10KB)

Collaborations and Partnerships
Presentation (PDF, 14KB)

Communication Systems
Presentation (PDF, 14KB)

Community Engagement
Presentation (PDF, 12KB)

Health Policy
Presentation (PDF, 11KB)

Managing and Sustaining Programs
Presentation (PDF, 17KB)

Presentation (PDF, 11KB)

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