Poster Presentations

G/BMaP Posters

  • Region 1 G/BMaP
    An innovative approach to reducing cancer high disparities through catalyzing inter-institutional collaborations
  • Region 2 BMaP
    Molecular Targets in Early Detection and Differentiation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Associated Colon-Rectal-Anal Cancer Disparities
  • Region 4 BMaP
    A team science approach towards a Multistate Network to reduce cancer health disparities
  • Region 5 G/BMaP
    Preliminary Findings from the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNAT) Principal Investigator Survey
  • Region 5 G/BMaP
    Preliminary Findings from the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Biospecimen Facility Survey
  • Region 6 G/BMaP
    Addressing Colorectal Cancer through Community Collaboration

Poster Competition Winners

Career Stage Basic, Clinical, & Translational Research Community-Based Participatory Research
High School/ Undergraduate Natalie Mendez

University of California San Diego

Renally Excreted Multimodal Silica Nanoparticles as Melanoma-Selective Therapeutic Platforms for Nanomedicine

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Joah Aliancy

H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute

Developing an LC-MRM Method to Monitor the Abundance and Activation State of Specific Src Kinases Associated with Multiple Myeloma

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Ph.D. Brooke Sylvester

University of Chicago

Molecular Genetics of Colorectal Cancer Progression in a Diverse Patient Cohort

(F31 Graduate Students)
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Marianna Sarkissyan

Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

Diabetes Type II and Hypertension Are Associated with Breast Cancer in African American and Hispanic Women

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Early-Stage Investigator Jacqueline Casillas

University of California Los Angeles

PADRES Contra EI Cáncer (PADRES)-UCLA Research Collaborative: Defining a Functional Work Model for Conducting Survivorship Research in the Latino Community

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Sunmin Lee

University of Maryland School of Public Health

What Is Lacking in Patient-Physician Communication: From Asian American Breast Cancer Patients’ and Oncologists’ Perspectives

(CNPCs, NON, and PNRPs)
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Mid-Career Investigator Tonya Webb

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Mutations in BRCA-1 Result in the Functional Loss of NKT Cells

(K-series CURE Diversity)
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Julie Dang

AANCART: The National Center for Reducing Asian American Cancer Health Disparities

Asian Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials (APICEM) Web Portal

(NCCCP, CHE and other CRCHD portfolio affiliates)
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Seasoned Investigator Harvey Bumpers

Morehouse School of Medicine

Predictive Molecular Markers of Colorectal Cancer for African American Patients

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Eugene Lengerich

Penn State Milton S. Hershey College of Medicine

The Role of Faith and Rurality in Clinical Research Study Participation: Results from a Theory-Based Study of Clinical Trials Education in Pennsylvania

(CNPCs and PNRP)
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